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Floating Hair Collector Lint Hair Catcher Fur Lint Remover Laundry Washer*

Floating Hair Collector Lint Hair Catcher Fur Lint Remover Laundry Washer*

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The Floating Hair Collector is a clever and practical laundry accessory designed to tackle the issue of hair, lint, fur, and other debris that accumulates on clothing during the washing process. This innovative device helps keep your laundry clean and fresh while reducing the need for post-wash lint removal.

The design of the Floating Hair Collector is simple yet effective. It typically consists of a lightweight, buoyant material that floats on the surface of the washing machine water. As the machine agitates and circulates the water, the Floating Hair Collector moves along with it, attracting and trapping loose hair, lint, and fur from your clothes.

The device's surface is specifically designed to capture and hold onto these unwanted particles. The surface texture is usually made up of microfiber or a similar material with a slightly sticky quality, allowing it to catch and secure the hair and lint effectively.

One of the advantages of using a Floating Hair Collector is its ease of use. You simply toss it into the washing machine along with your clothes and detergent, and it goes to work as the machine runs its cycle. After the wash is complete, you can easily remove the collected hair and lint from the surface of the device. This significantly reduces the amount of hair and lint that ends up on your clothing, ultimately making the laundry process more efficient and saving you time.

Furthermore, the Floating Hair Collector is reusable and easy to clean. After use, you can rinse it off or wipe it down, ensuring that it's ready for the next laundry cycle.

In summary, the Floating Hair Collector is a convenient and innovative laundry accessory that helps you effectively remove hair, lint, and fur from your clothes during the washing process. Its simple design, ease of use, and reusability make it a valuable tool for maintaining clean and fresh laundry while reducing the hassle of post-wash lint removal.


Hair Remover: Put in the washing machine to effectively remove pet hair.

Reusable: Can be used repeatedly to save detergent.

Wide Application: Suitable for all clothing, and it is non-toxic and harmless.

Premium Material: soft material pu soft rubber, the hair remover is no harm to clothes.

Easy to Use: Both washing machine and dryer can be used.


Size: about 8*8*0.8cm/3.15*3.15*0.31in

Material: PU soft rubber

Applicable: General 


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