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Folding Luggage Soft Rack Roof Frame Universal Outdoor Camping* Kayak Paddleboard Roof Rack Universal

Folding Luggage Soft Rack Roof Frame Universal Outdoor Camping* Kayak Paddleboard Roof Rack Universal

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Product information:

Color: black
Material: 600D oxford cloth+PVC
Load bearing: 60KG
Product size: 125 * 18 * 7cm
Sponge part: 40 * 12 * 7cm, one piece contains two sponges.
Length of webbing: only two ends of the webbing are sewn, and the length of a long webbing sewn in the middle is 86cm. A parallel long webbing is sewn in the middle of both ends of the product, with a black metal buckle at one end. The length of the lower webbing is 80cm, the length of the upper webbing is 200cm, and the length of the other end is 160cm, and the length of the upper webbing is 200cm
Scope of application: It is applicable to general vehicles, installed on car roof, suitable for carrying luggage, ladders, surfboards, canoes, etc. It is recommended not to exceed the length of the car body.

Product function:
The flexible folding luggage rack can bear a weight of 60kg. However, this weight may be greater than the weight bearing capacity of the roof, especially for smaller cars. Therefore, it is important to check your car manual or the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure that the load, including the rack itself, does not exceed the 60KG limit. If the weight exceeds the load capacity of the rack, the car roof may be damaged.
This roof rack is easy to install without tools. It can be tied with the webbing in the rack and fixed on the body to keep it stable. Goods can be tied at both ends of the rack and storage bags are provided for easy carrying.
Each piece includes three black metal buckles, with an 11 * 4cm composite pad under the metal buckle, so that the metal buckle is not easy to wear. The luggage rack is suitable for most cars with two or four doors. Please note that the rear window of two door models must be able to lower.


Packing list:

Luggage rack * 2+black metal buckle * 3+long webbing * 6


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