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Pet Oral Repair Gel Care Cleaner*

Pet Oral Repair Gel Care Cleaner*

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Maintain your pet's oral health with the Pet Oral Repair Gel Care Cleaner. This specialized gel is designed to promote oral hygiene for your furry companion. With its gentle formula, it helps clean and freshen your pet's mouth, reducing plaque and tartar buildup. Regular use of the gel can contribute to healthier gums and teeth, improving your pet's overall well-being. Whether for cats or dogs, this oral care gel becomes a convenient and effective solution for maintaining your pet's dental hygiene. Prioritize your pet's oral health with this easy-to-use and beneficial gel, ensuring they have a healthy and happy smile.

Product Introduction:

Net Content: 3ml
Packing: 2PCS/1Box
Shelf Year: 3 Years
Weight: About 30g
How to Use:
1. Lift Lips on Either Side of Your Pet’s Mouth.
2. Apply Cvreoz Pet Mouth Repair Gel Directly to the Mouth Daily.
3. Do Not Let Your Pet Eat or Drink for One Hour After Use.

Packing list: 

1pcs/2pcs  Repair Gels

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