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LED Gaming Mouse Pad Astronaut in Space Fast Mouse pad *

LED Gaming Mouse Pad Astronaut in Space Fast Mouse pad *

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Embark on a cosmic gaming journey with our LED Gaming Mouse Pad featuring an Astronaut in Space design. This high-tech mouse pad not only enhances your gaming experience but also adds a futuristic touch to your setup. With vibrant LED lighting, it creates an immersive atmosphere. Glide smoothly and game with precision, all while enjoying the captivating visuals of an astronaut exploring the cosmos.

Made to add that flashy finishing touch on any gamer's desk, this LED mouse pad brings a wow factor unlike anything else. Made with a precision surface featuring an advanced blend of soft cloth and fine fabric, it lends itself to smooth mouse action and perfectly controlled flicks. Comes with detachable USB connector and non-slip backing for steady aim. NB! The LED strip has 14 different light settings which can be controlled by clicking the on/off button. If you hold it for more than 3 seconds, RGB lighting will switch off. .: Soft Polyester surface .: 0.11" (3mm) thick rubber base .: LED light strip around the edges .: Includes micro USB cable .: Detachable USB - Connector .: Non-slip rubber backing

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