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Portable HDTV Antenna - Includes Magnetic Base & Coaxial Cable - Indoor or Outdoor *

Portable HDTV Antenna - Includes Magnetic Base & Coaxial Cable - Indoor or Outdoor *

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  • 360 Degree Reception with Omnidirectional Antenna - Our black 3.87” HD antenna can receive signals from any direction from up to 50 miles away. You’ll enjoy a crystal clear picture whether you attach the antenna to your TV stand or wall - all with no extra power source required.
  • Setup is Easy with the Magnetic Base - Use the 2” magnetic base to keep your new digital antenna for smart TVs stealthily tucked away. We recommend attaching it to the bracket that holds up your TV or on the back of the TV itself. The shape of the antenna helps it fit snugly, behind your TV.
  • Supports 1080P and 4K - You’ll enjoy great HD picture quality with this digital antenna as long as your TV supports it. And don’t worry - if you upgrade TVs soon, this portable device easily disconnects from your old TV so you can use it on the new one.
  • Reliable Satellite and Cable TV Alternative - Stay connected with the latest in TV technology with this digital antenna. Experience over-the-air broadcasts transmitted in uncompressed full HD. Enjoy watching your smart TV anytime, even when the satellite signal or cable connection is weak or unavailable.

Product Description

Continuous HD-Quality Entertainment

Keep watching all your favorite channels, even when the satellite/cable signal gets weak, with our omnidirectional digital antenna! With 360° reception so you can pick up signals no matter where they’re coming from. Tune in to the best channels available and enjoy the crystal-clear picture quality!

Enjoy Watching Wide Variety of High-Definition Picture Quality TV Anytime, Anywhere

Catch all the local channels available in your area

Get access to news, sports, sitcoms, cooking shows, kids’ shows, and daytime, prime-time, and late-night shows – there’s always plenty to watch! And apart from being a great on-the-go solution in limited-coverage areas, our antenna receives uncompressed high-definition signals that let you engage in better visual clarity than you’d get with a cable subscription. Upgrade your home entertainment system with a reliable digital TV antenna!

Why Choose Luxtronic’s Black HDTV Antenna

  • 360° reception - receives signals from any direction from up to 50 miles away
  • 2″ magnetic base - keeps your digital antenna securely tucked away
  • Supports 1080p and 4K - experience a crystal-clear viewing experience
  • Easy to use - connects and disconnects easily, no setup hassle

Enjoying a Fully Functional Digital TV Antenna


Before purchasing our HDTV antenna, we recommend that you first check for the DTV signals that are available at your location. DTV reception maps are readily available online and will list all stations in your area, giving you an idea of what the antenna will pick up from broadcast TV channels. Common stations include CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, PBS, and a handful of local affiliate stations that vary from place to place.


Because our antenna is capable of receiving signals from 360°, you can attach it directly to the TV itself. Do keep in mind, however, that significantly large geographical obstructions (such as mountains and valleys) can interfere with your signal, so you may need to experiment to pinpoint the perfect high spot.


Using the included 10′ coaxial cable, simply connect our HDTV antenna to the back of your TV. That’s it! No Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or additional power source required – just ensure the cable is connected properly and you’re all set!


The last step is to navigate through your TV’s menu and scan for the digital antenna channels in your area. You’ll then have access to tons of free channels for your viewing pleasure!

Watch your favorite TV shows in 4K

Better Reception, Higher Definition, and More TV Programs With No Extra Costs

Receive uncompressed over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts and experience the difference in picture and sound quality without paying extra! To curb customers’ bandwidth usage, mainstream cable providers will compress video signals before sending them through the city via a network of coaxial cables. These video signals inevitably degrade as they travel throughout town, which is why a digital TV antenna like Luxtronic’s Black Antenna delivers noticeably higher visual quality than an expensive cable subscription.

With a quality digital antenna, you’ll also gain access to a plethora of local channels. Cable and satellite providers don’t carry all the channels that may be available in your area, so if you’re interested in taking advantage of (absolutely free but often overlooked) additional regional programming, our TV antenna is the way to go. It’s also a great compliment to your television setup in the event your cable/satellite signal drops out, or during emergencies and bad weather.

4K, 1080P and Full HD
Made for Indoor Use
Made for Indoor and Outdoor Use
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