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Yoga Charm Necklace Seed of Life Pendant 24k Gold Inscribed CZ*

Yoga Charm Necklace Seed of Life Pendant 24k Gold Inscribed CZ*

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Symbolic yoga pendant with the simple yet indispensable mantra ' Breathing in - calm and ease, Breathing out - love and peace' accompanying the tranquil yogi in the lotus pose, padmasana, centering the geometric seed of life. Intricately inscribed in 24k gold on to a tiny round faceted cubic zirconia gemstone charm, while beautifully suspending from a gold plated silver chain

The symbolic jewelry utilizes ingenuity and innovation to achieve the incredible design. The meaningful necklace represents unconditional love, the seven chakra’s and the mantra of life itself, breathing.

  • Graceful CZ gemstone, measures 0.5 inches
  • Gold plated silver box chain, 18 inches
  • Mini magnifying glass
  • Elegant jewelry gift box

Unique, beautiful and inspiring. Gift the yogi you love or wear it yourself as a symbolic reminder to inhale, exhale, repeat. Let your body and mind be om. Namaste. A perfect surprise gift idea to present to your wife on your anniversary, her birthday or just because.

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